With less than three weeks to the release of Debutante, we're sharing a little something special: a new documentary on Cait's life, the rocky road that took her away from music for a while, and the miraculous turnaround that led her to record Debutante (and her forthcoming second record, Jinx, which will be out later this very year!) With a brand-new and highly candid interview, long-held secrets revealed and never before seen performance clips and home movies, it's a funny and moving cheat-sheet for newcomers, and doubly rewarding to fans, family and friends who've been there from the start. Over 40 songs, some never-before released, plus clips from Cait's appearance on Laura Jane Grace's "True Trans" series, PBS Songwriters' Showcase, and even a hilarious, long-thought-lost vintage cameo with Cait and Weird Al" Yankovic. Watch "Harmony Lies Inside Your Eyes" now!