Cait Brennan - Debutante cover design by Todd Alcott - cover photo by Wendy Parks © 2016 Cait Brennan under license to Black Market Glamour.

Cait Brennan - Debutante

cover design by Todd Alcott - cover photo by Wendy Parks

© 2016 Cait Brennan under license to Black Market Glamour.

Cait Brennan is a singer and songwriter of loud, odd, irresistibly engaging rock and pop music. Her first album is called Debutante and was released 22 January 2016. Here are some pullquotes from reviews (with links):

  • "By far the best album and biggest story to emerge from 2016 belong to Cait Brennan. Read about her incredible journey and discover the music of briskly-selling Debutante in our exclusive POPDOSE interview. She recently took both New York and LA by storm and released a live album on Bandcamp in the process. For me, the glorious music on Debutante is a rainbow, lifeline, beacon to salvation and total escape. Imagine a world where David Bowie joined the Beach Boys and Jeff Lynne produced their equivalent to Pet Sounds. Join Cait Brennan’s power pop revolution on Planet Cait." -- Keith Creighton, Popdose, March 2016

  • "Debutante is as powerful a debut as any in recent memory. If you combined Harry Nilsson, Paul McCartney, Rhodes, and a touch of Jane Wiedlin into one person, you’d have Brennan, whose sound identifies clearly with the most timeless and idiosyncratic songwriters in rock & roll. " --Tom Reardon, LA Weekly Music

  • "Glorious...From the crashing Pop thunder of “Good Morning And Goodnight” (think a desperate Harry Nilsson backed by a punkish ELO), to the White Album-era ballad of “Dear Arthur,” to the forlorn, Bowie-esque beauty of “Showman,” Debutante depicts an artist remarkably conversant with the last forty years of Pop, who is able to blend her influences and obsessions into one glimmering musical gem after another....Now that we have lost that glorious weirdo, David Bowie, it’s also nice to know that a new one, Cait Brennan, is hovering into view... which feels like a bit of solace for those of us who felt Bowie’s loss so keenly. In other words, it’s nice to have a new songwriter out there, who is so … out there!" -- Peter Gerstenzang, American Songwriter

  • "Debutante, a sparkling album produced by Brennan and Fernando Perdomo, is right up there with the great “drenched in blood, sweat & tears, leave everything on the table, conquer the world” albums like Against Me’s New Wave, Guns & Roses’ Appetite for Destruction, Green Day’s American Idiot and Smashing Pumpkins’ Gish."--Keith Creighton, Popdose, January 2016

  • "Seriously -- I know it's only February, but so far this is my candidate for Album of the Year." -- Steve Simels, PowerPop

  •  "With an undeniable gift for writing hooky delights, she’s an heir to the throne of the greats: ELO, Nilsson, the Sweet, Rundgren. Her influences are all over her songs and Debutante is a sparkly kaleidoscope of AM Radio, 1970s pop, and confessional lyrics. It’s delightful. Cait also has an one of the best pure rock voices you’re likely to hear. Marry that to an insane range and so-sweet-they-melt-in-your-ear harmonies, and then add them to the sundae of glorious melodies and whip-smart lyrics and you’ve got yourself a mixed metaphor. But you’ve also got a stunning debut. There’s not a filler track on Debutante. They’re all keepers.... “Meet Your Remaker/Harmony Lies” exists out of time; it’s anthemic, a linking arms and swaying song that bursts into the charging, charismatic “Harmony Lies,” with, of course, otherworldly harmony and smart, quite fun lyrics....
  • ...Debutante is one hell of a debut album. From the high fructose, upbeat balladry of “Once Upon A Nevermind” to the rich and soulful “Showman” (as a quick aside, you just don’t hear the word “defibrillators” enough in lyrics), Cait Brennan has made a glimmering record full of heart and hope and harmony. It’s a timeless album; joyful, clever, and wonderful. You owe it to yourself to hear her."--Melissa Bratcher, Popshifter


  • “Debutante”’s opening salvo “Good Morning and Goodnight” manages to evoke Mott the Hoople, Queen, and Bowie in roughly equal measure (with a dash of “Walk Under Ladders”-era Armatrading). Second track “Underworld” is a Big Star homage as good as anything from Teenage Fanclub. These are pretty good signposts for the whole endeavor – lovingly crafted in the styles of classic glam and powerpop. There’s something defiantly uncool about this that really appeals to me."


  •   "Debutante” is a collection of easy-going, highly melodic power pop with strong harmonies sung with conviction. The album as a whole is an entertaining listen. It opens with “Good Morning, Good Morning,” a summery rocker that sounds like it should have been played on ‘70s radio alongside Fleetwood Mac, ELO or Supertramp. It has a decidedly retro feel, especially in the chorus. “Underworld” is another catchy acoustic rocker, this time with a bit of a Matthew Sweet vibe. “Dear Arthur” is a switch to a mellow acoustic guitar accompaniment for Brennan’s rich and emotional vocal....The album closes with the strongest track, “Black Diamond,” a stark acoustic and piano ballad with a gorgeous vocal by Brennan. It’s stirring and exquisitely beautiful.

    “Debutante” is a solid effort and worth picking up, for sure. Cait Brennan is a talent to watch."--Chris Gerard, Washington Blade

  • " Debutante (is) a pleasurable pastiche of 1970s sounds coalesced into an impressive ode to a time when music was filled with grandeur, theatrics, and eternal hooks. It comes across as something of a period piece, and every song wears its influences on its sleeve....Of all the tracks, “Madame Pompadour” is the one that just stays in my head. Every song on the album has something to it that will stick with you, but this one shines a little brighter. First of all, there is a feeling of joy and all-out celebration, and the chorus is just catchy as hell. There are a lot of pop hits in waiting from Debutante, but this one is over the top in that regard. It’s a fascinating album, and this song is the jewel in the crown. Plus, with a crazy image-evoking title like “Madame Pompadour,” it has to be brilliant, doesn’t it now?" --Mitchell Hillman, Phoenix New Times

  • " Recorded in five days and funded in part by fans, the very first long-player from singer-songwriter Brennan deserves as much attention for its mid-1970s eloquence as for the fact that Brennan is transgender and 46." --Jon M. Gilbertson, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

  • "Cait Brennan’s music is as powerful and individual as she is, and Debutante is an example of an artist putting everything they have into their work." --Eric Petersen, Rust

  • ...more coming soon.


Some recent notes, updated regularly:

  • Tracks from Cait Brennan's Debutante are spinning on radio across the globe. "Dear Arthur"  received its first planetary airplay/add from DJ Ros Barclay of CamGlen Radio 107.9 in Glasgow, whose new music show continues to feature Cait's songs. WFMU's Evan "Funk" Davies got the world broadcast premiere of "Good Morning And Goodnight" and has played Cait on a regular basis. Tracks from the album have been played on WFMU by DJs Amanda Nazario (Nazario Scenario), Sasha Jones (Paid By The Tear), Joe McGasko (Surface Noise) and many others ; Multiple Cait Brennan songs have been played on Michael McCartney's acclaimed Time Machine Radio Show on numerous broadcast stations throughout the Hawa'iian isles and online. Amazing Radio's Jim Gellatly debuted "Lines" on his show in late March, continuing Cait's long love affair with Scotland (and vice versa!).  DJ Shaz Kuiama of Golden Grooves Radio has been a fierce advocate for Cait on her weekly show and got the world-premiere play of "Once Upon A Nevermind" on Golden Grooves Radio during her David Bowie Tribute Show on 20 January. The album was just added to the playlist. Cait was the final guest ever on the Jolt on SiriusXM with Larry Flick, and her interview with NPR's Steve Goldstein will soon be airing on NPR station KJZZ in Phoenix.
  • "Dear Arthur" premiered on Paste with an exclusive sneak preview; Paste also premiered Cait's tribute to David Bowie, her cover of Bowie's "Slip Away".
  • Miss Brennan kicked off the Debutante tour in New York City for a series of shows and interviews, and returns to the city in April/May for a tribute to Patti Smith and solo shows at the Bowery Electric and Rockwood Music Hall before embarking for shows in the UK and Ireland, including shows at Liverpool's Cavern Club for International Pop Overthrow.
  • Miss Brennan's follow-up album, Jinx, is complete and already being mixed in Los Angeles by Fernando Perdomo for a fall 2016 release. She has begun recording demos for a third album, to be called Black Market Glamour, slated for early-mid 2017.
  • Miss Brennan will be recording an EP this year at the home studio of the legendary Emitt Rhodes in beautiful Hawthorne, California. Producing will be Cait, Fernando Perdomo, and the mighty Chris Price.

Complete Debutante album credits are available below. For interviews please contact Wendy Parks at Black Market Glamour. Follow this link for hi-res photos and to communicate with our PR rep,  Pati DeVries. Miss Brennan is assisted in business matters by the legendary Marc Nathan.





Cait Brennan is a rock and roll singer and songwriter.

Debutante is her first album.

Debutante is sugar-crash harmonies, hooks to die for, clever-clever lyrics, thundering drums and all the glitter-glam guitar and piano madness the traffic will allow.



Debutante personnel

Vocals/  Cait Brennan

Production / Fernando Perdomo and Cait Brennan

All songs by Cait Brennan (ASCAP)

Guitars / Fernando Perdomo and Cait Brennan
Piano / Cait Brennan

Keyboards / Hammond B3/ Toy Piano / Cait Brennan and Fernando Perdomo
Bass / Fernando Perdomo and Cait Brennan
Drums / Fernando Perdomo

To be played at maximum volume

(Playing at folksinger levels may damage your equipment)

"The Beatles, Bowie, Nick Drake, the Jam, Bert Jansch, Costello, Pulp, PJ Harvey, Kate Bush, The Divine Comedy, Mary Epworth, Pugwash, the Undertones--Ireland and the UK sent this stuff out into space like the Voyager probe. I heard the message. This is my answer." --CB


For Harry Edward Nilsson III