Spent Saints Debuts on Amazon Prime September 1

Brian Jabas Smith and Maggie Rawling Smith’s new webseries Spent Saintts, based on Brian’s book of the same name, is set to make its world premiere on Amazon Prime starting September 1st. The show chronicles the struggles of a rock musician to overcome addiction and lead a meaningful life, and features a rogue’s gallery of supporting characters and surreal adventures through the underbelly of the Sunset Strip. The show’s soundtrack features music from Cait Brennan, former Guns ‘n’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, Frankie & The Studs, Beat Angels, Robin Michael Johnson, Super J Lounge, Billy Sedlmayr, Barry Smith, Ken Tudrick, and more. Visit spentsaints.com for all the details and check out the show on Amazon Prime Video on September 1st!

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Cait opens the door on Gentlemen Afterdark & Stranger Things Season 3

Stranger Things Season 3 is here, and it features an amazing soundtrack full of vintage goodies—including the lost classic “Open The Door” by 80s Arizona-based pop-punk/new wave forefathers Gentlemen Afterdark. The Gents were one of Cait’s biggest influences and teenage crushes, and she spoke to AZCentral’s music critic Ed Masley about the song, the band, and how big a part they played in Cait’s own musical evolution. Read the full story here and check out Gentlemen Afterdark’s “Open The Door” here.

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Praise for Cait & FMU's Star Trek erotica stage show at Phoenix Fan Fusion!

Four days of panels, mayhem and fun are nearly over, but Saturday’s Star Trek fanfic erotica live staged reading was one for the ages, with brave audience volunteers reading smutty tales of Trek love gone wrong (or very, very right), Kerry Lengel of AZCentral called it one of the convention’s high points—check out the review at the link. Sunday’s panel on cautionary tales concludes our weekend—one of our fave con experiences ever. Hope to see you again soon.

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Echo Magazine's uncensored 'Deep Dive" interview with Cait

Cait Brennan has known writer and musician Tom Reardon since they were 13. So when Tom approached Cait for a profile in the June issue of Echo Magazine, she opened up for an unvarnished, no holds barred interview between friends, about music, transgender issues, her ongoing struggle with Parkinson’s disease, and a lot more—covering ground she’s never before shared publicly. “Our discussion was both humbling and illuminating, but it was also something more. It was raw and honest, and I’ve never been prouder of being her friend than I am now,” Reardon writes in the introduction. A must-read:: check out the full interview here.

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Cait Brennan and Folking Myth Understood at Phoenix Fan Fusion!

Cait is back at Phoenix Fan Fusion May 23-26, appearing on a variety of pop culture, folklore and writing panels throughout the weekend with her associates in Folking Myth Understood, Wendy Parks and the Mad Professor Andy Adams. FMU is dedicated to finding the myth and folklore roots of modern pop culture, and unmasking the dark and often hilarious secret histories of the fairy tales that certain large corporations have nerfed over the years. Schedule below—hope to see you there!

Tale Wars: Villainous Void    (rated PG)    Thursday    4:30-5:30pm    125AB
Evil witches. Power-hungry wizards. Narcissists. The bad guys. What good
is the heroine or hero without an evil counterpart to thwart their
happiness? Yet our most beloved villains didn't exist in the original
stories. How can good triumph over evil when there is no evil? We'll
look at how these stories captured our interest without their iconic

Mythic Women: Love is a Battlefield    (rated R )   Thursday    7:30-8:30  125AB
All's fair in love and war, and these mythic women have no trouble going
to war over love. Forget polite verbal snipes or even hair-pulling;
these aren't your Hallmark Rom-coms. Mythic women throw down with
goddess-level trash-talk and fight dirty, including schemes to steal the
object of their desire from their rivals, even against family, and there
will be collateral damage.

Folking Myths And the Questions of Doom    (rated PG)    Friday  3:00-4:00    125AB
What is folklore? Mythology? (F&M) What's the difference between a tale
and a legend? How can I use F&M in my own projects? Join experts of
Folking Myths Understood as we use fandom and pop culture to explore and
wrestle with these surprisingly complex questions. Obtain resources that
help you find, understand, and use F&M. Ask your tough F&M questions and
warp your minds with the answers.

Through Tales Darkly: Dys-folk-tional Families    (rated R)    Friday
  7:30-8:30pm    132ABC

The step-family are not the only wicked ones. Today's awkward family
relations have nothing on these tales of warped family values. We'll
look at familiar and unknown tales where nothing is off-limits. See
family members feud, abandon, revenge, and much worse on one another,
sometimes for no reason.

Horga'hn Failure: A Live Staged Reading Of Star Trek: Erotic Fan
Fiction    (rated NC17)    Saturday    7:30-8:30pm    230

You come seeking jamaharon? Warp cores will be superheating at this
humorous life staged reading of great moments from Star Trek: The Next
Generation fan fiction. Whether it’s Picard and Beverly, Deanna and
Will, Geordi and Data, or Chief O’Brien and the transporter console,
they don’t call this cruise a star ‘ship for nothing. Our crew will join
bold volunteers as we take the franchise where no one has gone before.

Cautionary Tales    (rated PG13)    Sunday    3:00-4:00    126ABC

 From bog monsters and big bad wolves to tragic calamities that befall
the careless, cautionary tales teach children (and adults) the dangers
of wandering alone in the woods, playing with matches, or picking your
nose. Discover tales of creatures that lurk in dangerous places, the
risks of violating social taboos, and the perils of taking ourselves too
seriously. From ancient myths to the works of authors like Edward Gorey,
Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl, and Neil Gaiman, from Goofus and Gallant
to “moral panic” films like the original Reefer Madness, our team of
panelists explain how stories help us navigate the real and imaginary
terrors of the world around us.

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Remembering Jackie Shane, 1940-2019

Pioneering trans soul goddess Jackie Shane passed away on February 21, shortly after receiving her first-ever Grammy nomination for Best Historical Album for the recent Numero Group compilation of her ‘60s & 70s recordings. Cait Brennan talked to Vice’s Sam Riedel about Jackie and her influence back in 2017. “One of soul music's great gifts is its power to express suffering and yet somehow simultaneously alleviate it, both for the singer and the listener. I think of that a lot when I hear Jackie Shane sing,” Cait said. Read the Vice article here.

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Cait sings Paul Williams on new tribute album

The great Paul Williams has done it all—from songwriting to rock stardom to big screen acting fame to giving Kermit the Frog his best song ever to being the President of ASCAP!—and Cait’s been a fan since day one. So when she was asked to sing one of Paul’s greatest songs — “An Old Fashioned Love Song” — for a new tribute album, that’s an insta-yes. The song’s already made its world broadcast premiere on WFMU’s Evan “Funk” Davies Show and Julie Bennack’s Dark Night Of The Soul on ‘FMU’s Give The Drummer Radio, and people seem to dig it. Perhaps you will too, dear reader — listen to the song here and get the Curry Cuts tribute album White Lace and Promises: The Songs of Paul Williams here.

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New single "Home" out now!

"Home is wherever you are," Cait sings on her new single, a track from longtime musical co-conspirator Fernando Perdomo's new album Fernando Perdomo Has Lost His Voice. The album features Fernando's songs sung by Cait, Pat Sansone (Wilco, The Autumn Defense), Linda Perhacs, Durga McBroom (Pink Floyd) and dozens of others. "This is one of my favorite songs, and one of my favorite things I've ever done," Cait said. Listen to the single and check out more of the album here.

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Cait talks to Billboard about Small Faces' "Ogdens Nut" at 50

Cait's in Billboard magazine this week talking with writer Ron Hart about the 50th anniversary of the groundbreaking Small Faces album Ogdens Nut Gone Flake. "Crazily psychedelic, irresistibly tuneful and sometimes completely hilarious," she says. "I've always loved the music hall aspects of the record in particular. That combo of soul, psych, music hall and rock has been a huge inspiration and influence on my own work, especially on my album Third. Marriott's vocals are so fantastic on this record, '60s British soul at its finest. I love the entire record, but side two is absolute magic. It's a cockney fairy tale, a psych-soul spiritual predecessor of Harry Nilsson's The Point." Read more of Cait's thoughts on the record, alongside several of her musical favorites, here.

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New Cait Music On 2018 IPO Compilation!

Los Angeles' own International Pop Overthrow festival celebrates its 21st year in 2018, and Cait has marked the occasion by contributing her first-ever track to the annual IPO compilation album. Produced and performed entirely by Cait and her sonic soulmate Fernando Perdomo, "Miss Valentine" first came to life in Memphis at Ardent Studios during the sessions for Cait's 2017 long-player Third, but wasn't completed until May of 2018, during the sessions for Cait's upcoming new album. This exclusive-to-IPO mix will be available via Omnivore Recordings and at all LA IPO shows this year, so don't miss out! (Cait plays IPO on July 27 at Fais Do-Do!)

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Bringing It All Back Home-ish: Cait at IPO Phoenix 2018

This weekend (Saturday, 24 March 2018 to be precise) Cait returns to the place where she played her first full band show ever: David Bash's evergreen pandemonium power pop shadow show, IPO Phoenix. From her early appearances backed by Zen Lunatics to LA shows backed by luminaries like Chris Price and Fernando Perdomo, Cait's IPO appearances are always something special. This year expect old favourites, left-field covers, and sneak peaks at songs from The Breakdown (coming later this year!) Ed Masley at azcentral.com has a preview and some generous words of praise for Miss Brennan and her 2017 album Third

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Cait & Third In Phoenix News Times' "Best Things We Heard In 2017"

"Cait Brennan’s 2017 record, Third, is a complex treasure trove of delights for the ear, psyche, and soul," writes Phoenix News Times' Tom Reardon. "From the opening verse of “Bad at Apologies” where Brennan says, “I’m the asshole who stole your boyfriend,” to the last notes of the heartachingly beautiful “Goodbye Miss America,” Third resonates with a perfect combination of charm, angst, and rock ’n’ roll swagger..." Read more on Cait and other 2017 music highlights here. 

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Cait Brennan's Third is #6 on Pause & Play's 2017 Top 10!

Kendrick, Lorde, SZA, Taylor Swift, Tyler The Creator, Harry Styles and....Cait Brennan?! Impossible yet true: the fine folks at Pause and Play ranked Cait's album Third #6 on their Top 10 of 2017, joining Stephen Thomas Erlewine and Popdose who have already included it on their year-end list. It's been a tough year for all of us and the recognition of our humble Memphis-made record means a lot to all of us who've helped make it happen, especially alongside such great records and heavy-hitter artists. Thank you Gerry and Pause and Play -- read the full list here! 

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Cait Brennan's Third is one of Popdose's 10 must-own albums of 2017!

Popdose's Keith Creighton praised Cait's album Third as a must-own and a "returning champion" of 2017! "We first met and interviewed her at the start of a whirlwind year that began with the release of her decades in the making power pop epic, Debutante; continued with her meeting Sire Records legend Seymour Stein who signed her to a 4-track demo deal; and ended with her signing to the perfect label to realize her vision: Omnivore," Creighton writes. "The album has been praised from coast to coast and around the world by a snowballing and quite rabid fanbase..." Read the rest of the list here (including Dua Lipa, the Mynabirds and Third co-producer and longtime musical co-conspirator Fernando Perdomo!)

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"Bad At Apologies" live at YabYum's Listening Room!

The good folks at YabYum Music and Arts have brought us tons of great reviews, music, and live performances in recent years, and Cait was thrilled to join them for a scrappy acoustic live performance of "Bad At Apologies," a standout track from her album Third, live at The Listening Room. Click on through for the video and a feisty Q&A! Thanks to Carly and everyone at YabYum for inviting us!

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The PopDose Interview: Cait Brennan

As our amazing, maddening, joyous, heartbreaking 2017 draws to a close, we're revisiting some of the staggeringly great reviews and press Third received throughout the year. POPDOSE writer Keith Creighton, one of the first to champion Cait's debut record Debutante, knows her journey and her music better than almost anyone, and this funny, revealing interview proves it. Read it at POPDOSE and find out where the bodies are buried, how she chucked a perfectly good record to make Third, and what (if anything) Cait's Cumberbatch fetish is all about

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Third hits Amazon's Alternative Rock Top 40!

The late bloomer strikes again! Cait's album Third just cracked the top 40 on Amazon's Alternative Rock sales charts. While these charts fluctuate a lot, it's a very exciting development, and we're grateful for the tremendous support. The album is on sale at Amazon for just five bucks through November, so you can help keep it going--and cast a $5 vote of support for more Cait Brennan albums in the future--by getting the album here: https://www.amazon.com/Third-Cait-Brennan/dp/B06Y4J4GGT/

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Cait on the Spent Saints tour this weekend in LA!

This Saturday, October 28, Cait joins Brian Smith's Spent Saints roadshow at the legendary Rainbow Bar and Grill on the fabulous Sunset Strip, on a once in a lifetime lineup with Brian, the mighty Miss Pamela Des Barres, and Frankie + The Studs. Readings from Brian and Pamela, music from Cait and Frankie, and the world premiere of new films from the book (some featuring Cait's songs!) Did we mention not to miss it? Yeah, that. Visit spentsaints.com for more on the book, the films, the music and the tour. 

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