Cait Brennan and Folking Myth Understood at Phoenix Fan Fusion!

Cait is back at Phoenix Fan Fusion May 23-26, appearing on a variety of pop culture, folklore and writing panels throughout the weekend with her associates in Folking Myth Understood, Wendy Parks and the Mad Professor Andy Adams. FMU is dedicated to finding the myth and folklore roots of modern pop culture, and unmasking the dark and often hilarious secret histories of the fairy tales that certain large corporations have nerfed over the years. Schedule below—hope to see you there!

Tale Wars: Villainous Void    (rated PG)    Thursday    4:30-5:30pm    125AB
Evil witches. Power-hungry wizards. Narcissists. The bad guys. What good
is the heroine or hero without an evil counterpart to thwart their
happiness? Yet our most beloved villains didn't exist in the original
stories. How can good triumph over evil when there is no evil? We'll
look at how these stories captured our interest without their iconic

Mythic Women: Love is a Battlefield    (rated R )   Thursday    7:30-8:30  125AB
All's fair in love and war, and these mythic women have no trouble going
to war over love. Forget polite verbal snipes or even hair-pulling;
these aren't your Hallmark Rom-coms. Mythic women throw down with
goddess-level trash-talk and fight dirty, including schemes to steal the
object of their desire from their rivals, even against family, and there
will be collateral damage.

Folking Myths And the Questions of Doom    (rated PG)    Friday  3:00-4:00    125AB
What is folklore? Mythology? (F&M) What's the difference between a tale
and a legend? How can I use F&M in my own projects? Join experts of
Folking Myths Understood as we use fandom and pop culture to explore and
wrestle with these surprisingly complex questions. Obtain resources that
help you find, understand, and use F&M. Ask your tough F&M questions and
warp your minds with the answers.

Through Tales Darkly: Dys-folk-tional Families    (rated R)    Friday
  7:30-8:30pm    132ABC

The step-family are not the only wicked ones. Today's awkward family
relations have nothing on these tales of warped family values. We'll
look at familiar and unknown tales where nothing is off-limits. See
family members feud, abandon, revenge, and much worse on one another,
sometimes for no reason.

Horga'hn Failure: A Live Staged Reading Of Star Trek: Erotic Fan
Fiction    (rated NC17)    Saturday    7:30-8:30pm    230

You come seeking jamaharon? Warp cores will be superheating at this
humorous life staged reading of great moments from Star Trek: The Next
Generation fan fiction. Whether it’s Picard and Beverly, Deanna and
Will, Geordi and Data, or Chief O’Brien and the transporter console,
they don’t call this cruise a star ‘ship for nothing. Our crew will join
bold volunteers as we take the franchise where no one has gone before.

Cautionary Tales    (rated PG13)    Sunday    3:00-4:00    126ABC

 From bog monsters and big bad wolves to tragic calamities that befall
the careless, cautionary tales teach children (and adults) the dangers
of wandering alone in the woods, playing with matches, or picking your
nose. Discover tales of creatures that lurk in dangerous places, the
risks of violating social taboos, and the perils of taking ourselves too
seriously. From ancient myths to the works of authors like Edward Gorey,
Shel Silverstein, Roald Dahl, and Neil Gaiman, from Goofus and Gallant
to “moral panic” films like the original Reefer Madness, our team of
panelists explain how stories help us navigate the real and imaginary
terrors of the world around us.

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