Spent Saints Debuts on Amazon Prime September 1

Brian Jabas Smith and Maggie Rawling Smith’s new webseries Spent Saintts, based on Brian’s book of the same name, is set to make its world premiere on Amazon Prime starting September 1st. The show chronicles the struggles of a rock musician to overcome addiction and lead a meaningful life, and features a rogue’s gallery of supporting characters and surreal adventures through the underbelly of the Sunset Strip. The show’s soundtrack features music from Cait Brennan, former Guns ‘n’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, Frankie & The Studs, Beat Angels, Robin Michael Johnson, Super J Lounge, Billy Sedlmayr, Barry Smith, Ken Tudrick, and more. Visit spentsaints.com for all the details and check out the show on Amazon Prime Video on September 1st!

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